Quick and easy guide to learn Texas Hold’em Poker

There are different poker games you can play online but Texas hold’em is definitely one you shouldn’t miss out. With each poker game comes different strategies that makes one a pro in the game. To learn Texas hold’em, you need to understand which hands are playable and which ones are not. Basically, you need to be acquainted with the top 10 starting hands if you are to get anywhere close to wining in this game. There are disagreements on the best hand to start, but this will depend on your skill set and style of play. Keep in mind that a good hand can ruin the game if you have the wrong community cards.

A good player should be able to read the opponent by accessing whether they have a solid hand or they are bluffing. However, learning some basic texas hold’em rules and strategies will enable you stay ahead of the game. Keep in mind that the two cards in hand are the only cards that differentiate you from your opponent. Also, all face up cards are community cards which are shared by you and your opponent. It’s important to pay attention to what the cards can mean to someone else as much as they mean to you. That said; take note of your opponent’s flush and straight possibilities. Below are the key strategies you should remember if you are to stay ahead of the game.

Evaluate your cards

The fundamental aspects when evaluating cards comes with the knowledge of what the two cards are. Therefore, avoid revealing anything with your reaction either facial or otherwise. Sudden movements or taking a sharp breath can say a lot about your game regardless of how slowly you do it. Determining if the cards are good will depend on the number of players in the game. However, you should consider folding before the flop if you are holding non-pair cards that are less than 10. Conservative players would mostly fold if one of their cards is less than 10. Aggressive players tend to stay with it since an 8 or 9 would give them a decent possibility of a straight or flush.

In cases where the big blinds are low, you should consider playing in until you see the flop even though you might not have strong cards. You don’t need to abuse this rule as it can get you into trouble sooner than you can imagine. Note that Texas hold’em takes into account the cards you have at hand and you should be ready to have a series of poor hands without giving in. At some point, good hands will come and you need to take advantage.

Walk your way across the flop

Once you see the flop, you shouldn’t e afraid to cut your losses. One of the common slip-up done by newbie’s is making rush decision. In a case where there are seven players at the table, two pairs will likely be the winning hand. That said, in cases where you don’t have the high pair, then you would hardly go for a flush or straight. Keep in mind that the lower the players the higher the chances of a strong hand. In cases where you are the first to best after a flop, you shouldn’t be afraid to check as this can work to your advantage. If you have a weak hand, you can see an extra card without placing more into the pot. Additionally, if you have a strong hand then you can easily sway your opponent to believe that it’s weaker.

Get conversant with the Fourth and Fifth Street

The Fourth and the Fifth Street is also regarded as the turn and the river.Fouth and fifth community cards gives you the chance to opt out of the pot before you loose more money or increase your winnings. You shouldn’t stay in the pot after the fourth street hoping that you would go for a flush or straight unless you do so without putting more chips on the pot. Word of advice, you shouldn’t let yourself go too far if you have a weak hand. There are a times when the investment made call you to hang around. In such cases, you need to measure this in terms of percentage. If you have already committed 40 percent of the chips then it wouldn’t matter if you add another 5 percent. This is a tricky area and so you need to be very careful.

The shutdown

After the completion of a betting round, players should enter into the shutdown. This is the point where the best hands win. There are different rules you need to know when it comes to Texas hold’em sutdowm.First, players who bet on the river are usually a default player and are entitled to reveal their hand. However, if any other player chooses to reveal their hand then it’s acceptable. If betting doesn’t happen on the river then any player closer to the left of the dealer should open their hand first. If a player holds a loosing hand then they are entitled to reveal their cards and concede the pot.

The final betting and the winner

Every winning player should have a certain combination set. For instance, players are entitled to use a combination of seven cards. These cards comprises to five community cards with an extra set of two cards known to them. This set is what forms the possible five-card poker hand. The forth and fifth round will usually start with the player on the left side of the dealer who is also known as the button. On the final betting round, all the players are required to reveal their hands. It’s paramount for players with initial bet or last raise to show their hand once the game is complete. Any of the player with the best hand wins. Bottom line, random rules is the key to success in any of the Texas hold’em poker game. Take note when raising or buying chips so that you don’t end up loosing a lot of cash